If you can’t find that special piece you are looking for, from the classic simple ring to a more complex design, consider having it custom made! We pride ourselves in offering the very best in custom design products and services. There is no jewellery item we cannot manufacture. We can add a creative twist to your ideas, sketches or other inspirations and make your dreams come to true.

We offer the complete custom jewellery design experience from start to finish. Our experienced staff will work with you each step of the way to help you create something truly special and unique for you or for someone you love.

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The Design Process:

Step 1: The Idea

Think about what the ideal piece of custom jewellery would be. Bring in your ideas, sketches or other inspirations for us to view together. Whether or not you know exactly what you want we have the ability to design the perfect piece of jewellery for any occasion.

Step 2: The Design

Using the latest technologies in jewellery design and manufacturing we can design your piece of jewelry. You can preview the computer-generated picture and share it with family or friends.

Step 3: The Manufacturing

Once you have approved the picture of your custom designed piece we have a wax mold made. The wax is cut by computer according to model that you helped design and approve.

After the wax mold is finished we have you come back in for final approval. Having an actual piece in your hands to approve ensures that you are completely satisfied with the design. If changes need to be made those will incorporated into a new mold for you to review and approve.

Once the final wax mold is approved we cast the wax into the metal of your choice. It is then polished, stones are set and then final polishing and inspection are carried out.

Step 4: The Custom Piece

You’ll now have that that special item for you and/or your loved one to cherish forever!